We May Have Lost, but the Inaugural Tech Kickball Challenge Was a Success

by CodyM       June 25 2012 10:23

The warriors faced off on the field of battle this past Friday, and Understand.com proved the victor. An early 3G lead was dashed in the third inning, and despite a valiant late-game comeback strike mounted by team 3G, the Understand.com troops sealed their victory. In all honesty though, thank you so much to the wonderful people over at Understand.com for helping make this happen and playing in the sunshine with us on a beautiful summer day. Thank you to everyone with the Reno Aces who made using their amazing stadium possible, to Chris Payne for DJing and announcing the game, to Rich Valiquette for singing the National Anthem as well as being a referee, to Duffy’s Ale House for hosting our after party, to our friends at The Abbi Agency for helping to get the word out, to any of you who came out to watch us, and of course to our 3G team for giving it their all out there! We may have lost (this time), but we are more than happy to put our money where our mouth is and donate that $1,000 to the Veteran’s Guest House.

Are You Ready for Some Kickball?

by CodyM       June 22 2012 09:04

Our kickball match against Understand.com is today! Admission is still free, so come on down to the Reno Aces stadium and enjoy this beautiful day with us! Each company is playing for $1,000 toward the charity of their choice. Understand.com is playing for the Veteran’s Guest House, and 3G is playing for Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Northern Nevada. We’ve been training and practicing drills, so Understand.com better be bringing their check book! Go 3G!

3G Will Battle Understand.com in Kickball for Software Supremacy!

by SerenaP       June 7 2012 11:53

A gauntlet has been thrown, everyone. Darik Volpa – the CEO of a little company called Understand.com – and our own CEO, James Kosta have decided to face off later this month. A friendly amount of bickering regarding our two companies sharing the NCET 2012 “Software Company of the Year” award has led us to a kickball challenge happening on June 22nd. The kickball game – the inaugural of what will hopefully catch on as an annual tech company kickball challenge – will take place on the Reno Aces field starting at 1pm. The event will be free, so come show your support, or just get a laugh out of a bunch of artists and computer programmers running around a baseball field. Our early prediction: 3G will prevail!