3G Will Battle Understand.com in Kickball for Software Supremacy!

by SerenaP       June 7 2012 11:53

A gauntlet has been thrown, everyone. Darik Volpa – the CEO of a little company called Understand.com – and our own CEO, James Kosta have decided to face off later this month. A friendly amount of bickering regarding our two companies sharing the NCET 2012 “Software Company of the Year” award has led us to a kickball challenge happening on June 22nd. The kickball game – the inaugural of what will hopefully catch on as an annual tech company kickball challenge – will take place on the Reno Aces field starting at 1pm. The event will be free, so come show your support, or just get a laugh out of a bunch of artists and computer programmers running around a baseball field. Our early prediction: 3G will prevail!


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