Video Game Development

3G Studios’ creativity allows for nearly any type of game to be created by our talented teams. From the subtle and nuanced storytelling of epic single player adventures, to the fast paced insanity of competitive multiplayer, 3G Studios can create it. Just a small sampling of our video game catalogue includes the likes of Rock Band, Combat Elite, SWAT, Jillian Michaels’ Fitness Ultimatum 2009 and many others.

Console Games

Rock Band™

Rock Band allows players to simulate the performance of popular rock music songs by playing with controllers modeled after musical instruments. Using realistic game peripherals, the player feels like a true rock star gaining fame and fortune based on their musical prowess. No other game comes nearly as close to simulating what it's like to be the best singer, drummer or guitarist in the Rock Band!

Stacked with Daniel Negreanu

Stacked with Daniel Negreanu allows for players to play in the high stakes Texas Hold’em tournaments from anywhere! Any poker player will tell you that it's more a game of skill than luck. Match wits with local co-op or with adaptive AI that will always keep you guessing. Daniel Negreanu himself will give you advice as you bet big and bluff your way to the top!

Combat Elite: WWII Paratroopers

Combat Elite allows you to step into the boots of brave paratroopers of the Allied forces as they prevent the Nazis from occupying Europe during WWII. The weapons and vehicles of the time are recreated with an attention to detail and polish that elevates this game from other WWII shooters and totally immerses the player in the early 1940’s.

SWAT: Target Liberty

In this tactical squad-based shooter game, the player will lead an elite team through battle while preventing a nuclear detonation on U.S soil. Increased Asian gang violence leads your team to the truth that Al-Qaeda forces plan to blame the North Korean government for what will surely cause the death of hundreds of thousands of American citizens. You must lead your team as they prevent this calamity and bring the real perpetrators to justice.

Jillian Michaels’ Fitness Ultimatum 2009

World renowned fitness expert Jillian Michaels will help whip you into shape in this fitness game using the Wii balance board to engage those core muscles! Have fun while challenging your body with the variety of fitness activities designed by Jillian herself. Get in shape from the comfort of your own home with Jillian Michaels’ Fitness Ultimatum 2009!

Mobile Games

Skate or Die

Skate or Die is a fast paced 2D platformer that allows the character to careen across the city scape, accelerating to spectacular speeds. The game operates under a full day and night cycle so the background will dynamically change, including rain storms and a beautiful fireworks display. Test your coordination in this addictively fast paced mobile game.


Zombeat is a mobile beat matching game with a morbid and entertaining twist; each correct note saves the player from a zombie onslaught! The biker turned zombie slayer uses the power of music, along with firearms and chainsaws, to mow down a horde of zombie. This zany premise is only overshadowed by the fantastic gameplay and art design in this frantic game of survival and cartoon violence. The higher the multipliers and score get, the more powerful the specialized enemies become. Level up your weapons to really put a hurt on the zombies and as always, rock on! Game Review

The Deep

In this underwater adventure, the player searches for treasure while evading all sorts of deep sea dangers. You will face snarling great white sharks, deadly jellyfish and pirate ghosts. Discover new quests and rewards by uncovering lost objects along the ocean floor left by island natives. Game Review

Bloodlines: The Alexa Holmes Chronicles

Alexa Holmes is the granddaughter of the infamous Sherlock Holmes. Follow on her journey of revenge as she travels the underworld, battling the very vampires who killed her grandfather. Enjoy the extravagant art deco style of the 1930s as you test your deductive reasoning while solving puzzles like Sherlock himself.

Facebook Games

Brave Arms

Brave Arms is a Facebook first person shooter game featuring an original art style and environments that add verticality and strategy to combat. Battle your friends with customized avatars in two game types. The player chooses the clothing and melee weapons of their avatar as well as their primary weapon before each match. Moving away from the serious military shooters, Brave Arms presents a fun and silly alternative that allows for smacking your friend in the face with a fish rather than intense realism. Visit us on Facebook!

The Dating Game

Turning the formula of the popular game show into an interactive experience, The Dating Game allows any player to connect online in fun question and answer games to determine their compatibility. The player has a vast amount of customization for their characters to make them look just right and can send gifts to friends. Even more essential to the experience are the witty pickup lines the players can exchange for lots of laughs and good times.

Other Gaming


In this PC Sci-Fi action adventure game, Major Corvin was demoted from Colonel and forced to run a maximum security prison. The dangerous criminals escape their cells and wanton destruction and chaos ensues for Corvin and the rest of the prison staff. It is up to you to ensure that the convicts are forced back to their cells and that none escape to wreak havoc on the outside.

Airborne Rangers

Airborne Rangers is a first person shooter game in which players fight on behalf of one of three factions. The player has a hub base in which they can use incredibly detailed customization menus to create new weapons and outfits to help them on their missions. Players can also view screenshots taken in game, meet up with friends or purchase in game support from their bases. Navigating the base is done from a third person perspective, but once you go on a mission the gameplay is first person action where you put your customized weapons to good use. The combat is slick and frantic as you meet up with friends online and take on other teams in well-designed maps. Step into the shoes of a soldier and control the battlefield in Airborne Rangers.

Alien Trio

In this extraterrestrial adventure Frank, Orson and Ognat are vacationing on Earth to escape from the stresses of everyday alien life. Little did they know their journey will put them in dire threat of a rocket impact.


NetherWorld is a Class II and Class III slot game that features a ninja fighting through hordes of zombies in a hack and slash adventure. The dark and brooding art style creates a completely unique atmosphere that will be sure to have players sitting on the edge of their seat and ready to advance to one of the exciting bonus rounds. You can experience the beautiful and foreboding 3D environment of NetherWorld on both mobile and web platforms, in either free to play or real money versions depending on the player’s proximity to a casino. Play at home for free before testing your zombie slaying skills for real money at a casino in this hack and slash slot game.

Slotalot Social Casino

Slotalot Social Casino is a collection of several games within different locations, offering a unique feel for each game. The revolutionary hub world for Slotalot is an interactive globe that the player uses to select a game corresponding to a geographical region. Choose the volcanic islands in the North Pacific to play Volcano Treasures, the bustling city to play The Dating Game, or the mysterious space craft to play Area 52! Slotalot has both Class II and Class III slot games that contain three bonus games to play through in original 3D environments. This incredible variety of content is available on both mobile and web platforms. Our proprietary math models function for both free to play and real money betting depending on the player’s location. Play the game at home for fun before entering a casino and playing for real money. This incredible innovation even allows players on a cruise ship to play for fun while in port and then switch to real money once they are out at sea. Never before has this been offered to casino players. Slotalot Social Casino is the perfect game for both casual slot players and those who wish to bet big to win big.

Flash Games

Water Balloon Pop

Pop three or more water balloons of the same color as they stack to advance to the next level and earn power ups to help you try and reach the perfect score in this exciting flash game.

Flushed Away

Flushed Away is a match three style game in which colored fish travel down a spiral cave formation. The vibrant colors and cartoonish look of the game is perfect for kids as well as adults. Matching three or more fish of the same color causes that line of fish to be eliminated, earning points and multipliers to increase your score.

Crash Landing

Attempt to gain the furthest possible distance while collecting stars in this bounce fest of a game. Choose the trajectory of your space craft and strike different alien types to propel you forward. Earn power-ups along the way to help with your turbulent journey over alien terrain and get the high score.

Safari Concentration

Use memorization skills and quick thinking to beat the clock in this matching game. Each successful board allows you to progress to the next level which is even harder. The game features beautifully rendered safari animals and is fun for both children and adults.