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Shared Vision Starts at the Top

3G's lead team focuses during pre-production on creating a shared vision for the game. One that can be documented and repeated in such a way that every team member understands the goals we're going to achieve. Only when that vision is well defined and we have a fun play mechanic proven, does the game move into full production.

Choosing An Audience

There are so many gamers today that they are broken into sub-categories. The Casual Gamer, the Core Gamer, the Social Gamer, the "I'm not a gamer, but I play some games" Gamer. It's nearly impossible to design a game to keep all these people happy. Almost no one can argue with a video game mechanic that is fun, but they can all disagree about the gameplay objectives and content. Just focus on one gameplay mechanic that the player will perform repeatedly throughout the game. This is your "tent-pole" and without it the circus is a bust.

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Finding Direction

There is no better teacher than experience. Through shipping so many games on so many platforms we have learned one simple truth: Your game had better be fun before it ever enters production. Many times game companies feel compelled to throw artists, programmers, audio technicians and animators at a project before they have developed a solid prototype. With today's budget this can be a costly mistake. 3G Studios starts every project with a very small prototyping team who is responsible for building a simple and fun game mechanic.


Motion Capture

3G has an inhouse motion capture studio and we train our animators to use it. They are able to capture 2 actors simultaneously along with full performance, facial and greenscreen capture. Our character rigging platform allows them to see the results immediately in game.

Media Studio

We have a beautiful sound and video editing suite, along with a dedicated sound recording studio. With a floating floor, ceiling and walls the quality of our live performance recording will shock you. We have teleprompters for voice acting and multihead mixing boards for band performances.


3G has outsourcing managers who work with our partners to deliver amazing results. Our partners have been vetted and we provide them enough business that our clients always get the best prices and quality work.

Why Reinvent?

3G has spent millions of dollars developing a "tool belt" of application libraries. Our approach not only saves money, but brings time-tested stability to your application. Don't risk reinvention!

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Our experience in application development will save you money and earn you more customers.

<< Be Sure to Read About Our Custom Development Services